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Our Site Policies

This policy applies to anyone who visits or uses this site.

"We" means the company or person named at the foot of the website pages;

"You" means you, the person using our services or visiting our Web site;

"Services" means all goods and services we provide including allowing you to access our Web site.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities include:
acting at all times as a good citizen;
all your activities while using any of our services;
anything you say or post;
using your own judgement when evaluating content you access on or through the
being aware that you may have insufficient information to identify who you are
in contact with;
being aware that internet sites include extreme pornography, racism, "hate",
religiously offensive statements and other content unsuitable for any decent
citizen and particularly for children;
abiding by the conventions of the site on privacy;
paying all accounts fully and on time.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are:
Providing contracted services to the best of our ability.

Our Rights

We may block, delete, intercept, or otherwise change any content.
We are not obliged to do so under any circumstances.
Should we do so or not do so, we do not accept any obligation or liability arising from your content.

Disruptive Activities

You must not do anything which is disruptive to us or others while using our services.


You must adhere to the practices recommended by the Direct Marketing Association of New Zealand.


You must not use or copy any material for which you are not the copyright holder.


We disclaim any obligations except those which are explicitly the execution
of programs and the hosting of content. We disclaim all consequential liabilities.
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