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Police Act: Make their job easier

How can we make the Police more effective in carrying out the tasks we have placed on them?

One way is to remove the complexity of process when dealing with minor offences so that they may allocate more time to more serious issues.

One way is to recognise many minor offences as AntiSocial Acts. [This term has been strongly denigrated in the UK.] Persons committing minor acts including young offenders and all persons released after serving a gaol sentence even beyond a parole period might be designated as AntiSocial and have a series of conditions imposed on them.

If they break any of a number of conditions the police can immediately arrest them, hold them overnight and then release them with very minimal paperwork. The intent is that the Police can quickly deal with people at a crime scene and focus on identifying and investigating others. [Police should be able to identify by fingerprints and take DNA samples at crime scenes and areas of street disturbances and that these can be retained indefinitely.]

Some of their current legal rights may be withheld - such as being required to account for all their movements, all monetary transactions and to give evidence on any crime they have witnessed or have knowledge about.

AntiSocial offences might be:

  • Beinging in the vicinity of a crime.
  • Beinging in the vicinity of an unruly crowd.
  • Having an alcohol blood count in excess of 50 mgm (even when not driving).
  • Carrying any object that might be used as a weapon.
  • Cohabitating with a person who has been released from prison within the last 5 years (and to whom they are not married or in a permanent relationship).
  • Being unruly.
  • Tagging.
  • Traffic offences
  • In an unregistered or unwarranted car.
  • Being on private property without clear consent.
  • Being in designated areas of towns after 10pm at night.
  • Fighting in public.
  • Drinking in public.
  • Carrying alcohol in public.
  • Violating recommended maximum noise levels.
  • Hanging out in public areas.

Police would not seek out persons commiting antisocial offences but simply use these rules if they come across these persons while carrying out other duties.

How can we make the work of Police simpler, quicker and more effective - but still just?


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