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Getting the Home Temperature Right!

Television is full of advertisements for home heating - mostly electrical these days.

And politics are full of keeping Green!

As someone who has travelled widely and in particular through the USA I have been in hotels where the winter temperature in the room was far too hot - and in the summer when the room was too cold.

Now in Auckland we consume more power in the Summer cooling office blocks than in the Winter heating them!

I was brought up - if I said I was Cold I was told to put on a woolly jumper - hand-knitted by Mum of course!

If I said I was Hot - then Go outside in the fresh air.

I have worked in Abu Dhabi and I do not have any problems with some healthy sweat while taking the daily walk - even if there is an air-conditioned gym in the hotel!

So now we have these heat engines that work both ways in the house - how should we set them:

If the outside temperature is less then 18 degrees (Celcius) then we can heat the house up to 18 degrees only.

If the outside temparature is greater than 24 degrees then we can cool the house down to 24 degrees only.

Are these the right numbers?

Would it be practical to regulate in this area?

For asset managers of office buildings?

For any installed heating/air conditioning units?

Can we educate people to be more tolerant of temperature?

We need more research:

  • What temperatures will we tolerate? 18 to 24?
  • Does it differ from home to work?
  • How much does it cost us? Will electricity prices control this anyway?
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